In her debut episode(recorded in a 2x4 closet), Sandra Began is joined by her 19 year old son as they discuss why he supports his mom's writing and sharing about their life after the death of his father to suicide when he was 12. Jack and Sandra open up about how Sandra's essay "The Backpack" offered healing to them yet opened up wounds from the past. They laugh, Sandra tries not to cry and they give an honest look into what life was really like the first few years after loss.
Jack covers reentering middle school after his dad died, the differences between middle school, high school and college for a kid who is grieving and the realities of growing up with the stigma of suicide attached to them.
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The Widow Project's Sandra Began packs truth, sadness, hope, humor and love into every episode as she talks with her sons, family, friends and mental health advocates about grief, life, death, loss, love and her 7 year journey as a woman, mother and widow surviving the death of her husband by suicide. 

Hi. My name is Sandra. My husband Patrick died in 2012 by suicide. I was 40. The boys were 9 and 12. Our lives blew up in one second. We have worked hard at putting them back together. In 2014 I gave away most of our possessions and moved the boys and I from Wisconsin to Connecticut to start over. To find peace.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, life, love and loss these past few years. It shouldn’t be a secret. I’m here to share. Widows and their children live an isolated life. Many people don’t understand us and are afraid of asking. This life of widowhood can be a lonely place. But it is also a place for growth, hope and pure joy. I haven’t loved as hard, laughed as hard and felt more confident with who I am since my husband died.

I want widows to not feel alone. You can grieve and you can live a full beautiful, happy life at the same time. I want friends and family to have a better understanding of this life we didn’t choose. Hey, we don’t understand it sometimes ourselves. I want to talk about mental illness and suicide.

I'm here to broadcast hope... hope of healing thru laughter, love and hard work. No judgement zone here.

Thanks for being here.


P.S. I keep it real. If you don’t like honesty, truth, a few f-bombs and a lot of laughs I’m not your girl. 

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